Ukraine is not even in the top ten: the rating of the most pirated countries is published

Ukraine is not even in the top ten: the rating of the most pirated countries is published

World authority in digital piracy MUSO published a report for 2017 year. According to the report, global piracy grew by 1.6% over the past year. 300.2 billion visits to sites that provide illegal content were identified.

More than a third of all visits to these sites are associated with watching television content (106.9 billion), with music (73.9 billion) and movies (53.2 billion). The ranking was headed by the United States, since the country accounts for 27.9 billion visits a year. Next come Russia (20.6 billion) and India (17 billion). The top ten pirates also include Brazil (12.7 billion), Turkey (11.9 billion), Japan (10.6 billion), France (10.5 billion), Indonesia (10.4 billion), Germany (10.2 billion) and the United Kingdom (9.0 billion).

“There is an opinion that the growing popularity of Netflix and Spotify services has solved the issue of piracy, but this is not truth,” said Andy Chatterley, co-founder and executive director of MUSO, “53% of all piracy occurs on unlicensed streaming platforms. It’s clear that streaming is the most popular way for consumers to access content, whether it’s legal or illegal. ” Chatereli is confident that the legal content industry should not only prepare strategic protection for their products, but also take into account the needs of the audience, understanding why users prefer pirated versions of their content.

Recall that in early March, “1+1 Media” officially presented SUDUM, a project for the protection of copyright holders of video content on the Internet. Technological and legal system SUDUM blocks illegal copies of video content on websites, on social networks and on video hosting sites. The process of tracking illegal content occurs automatically for 24 hours a day. When pirated versions of materials are detected, the program automatically sends a complaint to the “pirate” (provider, website, social network administration).