More Than 35,000 ‘Pirates’ Targeted in Swedish Lawsuits This Year

More Than 35,000 ‘Pirates’ Targeted in Swedish Lawsuits This Year

A decade ago, Sweden was a favorable "haven" for Internet pirates. The homeland of Pirate Bay, the birthplace of the Pirate Party and the place where the illegal downloading and distribution of pirated content was normal. Today is not so.

The Scandinavians have harshly begun to persecute the founders of Pirate Wow, except for private users of BitTorrent. 35711 - the exact number of users of Internet resources brought to responsibility, writes Torrent Freak.

The first wave of lawsuits against Internet pirates began in 2016, since then the practice has increased exponentially. This year, to date, 49 separate court cases have been filed with the request of providers to disclose personal information of 35,711 IP-addresses, which is more than in the previous two years, and even more than in the US and Canada. Data is based on applications filed with the Swedish patent and market courts in 2016.

The Swedish provider Bahnhof says that the current legislation has obvious shortcomings. The practice of sending letters of claimants to Internet users on the basis of IP-addresses does not meet the current legislation: "We want to see reforms aimed at promoting creativity, rather than commercial interests," the representatives of Bahnhof say.

Today in Ukraine there is no personal responsibility of the consumer for the distribution of illegal content, but maybe in the future such a practice will appear, and then the fight against piracy will come to another level. We hope that the culture of content consumption in our country will be better every year, and the legal methods of content distribution will only grow.

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