• Adding a new project into SUDUM database

    Title (RUS/ENG), copyright holder (RUS/ENG), link to legal content, keywords content, keywords (for search), project activation (to make the search possible), documents upload, choose the region of rights extension

  • An automatic search from various servers is conducted

  • The search is conducted on both the website base and search engines

  • What we do with active links:

    Send claims to administrators, hosting companies, and domain name registrars. Take other measures if necessary if necessary

  • All detected links are checked

    by intellectual property protection experts

  • Unique Parsers:

    Torrents, social networks, file sharing services, video hosting

  • Content is not deleted:

    from GOOGLE search engine (we exclude other pages if possible), other measures are taken at the request of the copyright holder the matter is taken to lawyers at the client’s request

  • Content is deleted:

    block the link