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1+1 will help to fight the Internet piracy

1+1 will help to fight the Internet piracy

1+1 entered the market with its system Sudum. This is system of monitoring illegal content on the Internet. Anna Tkachenko, Digital director 1+1 Media, told this to the journalists. According to Anna, Sudum was only used to protect the content of the media group before. Recently, other distributors became interested in the system - Kinolife, Kinomania, Must See Movie and UFD.

Now Sudum is defending 6 foreign films, including one that recently appeared in the Ukrainian film market “I, Tonya”. With this software product over 2016-2018, more than 200,000 illegal videos and over 70,000 illegal content links were removed from the Google Search system.

In the case of detecting an illegal video, Sudum automatically sends complaints to the administration of sites, hosting providers and domain name registrars. If we talk about social networks, then the system sends a complaint only to those groups and profiles that have downloaded the video directly. Users who shared such content - Sudum skips. According to Tkachenko, the indicator of the efficiency of stripping media content in the network was 94%.

In the future, the functionality of the program can be expanded, and in addition to video, it will be able to search the Internet for illegal music, e-books, software and computer games. Today the system works in the Ukrainian and Russian languages. But in 1+1 Media are considering the possibility of connecting English in order to get access to foreign markets.

Sudum platform monitoring the Internet for copyright infringement in real-time. Sudum was presented by 1+1 Media in conjunction with the launch of the OVVA TV VoD platform in February 2016.