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"1+1 MEDIA" AND SMARTSOLUTIONS FIGHT AGAINST INTERNET PITRACY IN UKRAINE The "1+1 Media Group" the Smartsolutions have announced a partnership in the development of copyright and related rights protection services on the Internet. The joint work of specialists "1+1 Digital" and lawyers of the legal group will expand the functionality of the Sudum technology and legal system and offer the market a comprehensive solution to protect the interests of the right holders.

"Unfortunately, nowadays the problem of internet piracy in Ukraine is high enough, so technologies are not enough to force the pirates to remove content. On the other hand, attorneys can not monitor the content in social networks and Google searches around the clock. Thanks to the synergy of technical competence of specialists of "1+1 Digital" and the experience of Attorneys from Smartsolutions, we will be able to protect the rights of Ukrainian companies on the Internet more effectively and bring the perpetrators to legal liability. We believe that cooperation will give market examples of consequence of such violations and help reduce the piracy rate in the country", - said Anna Tkachenko, Director of Digital-direction "1+1 media".

According to the signed agreement, Smartsolutions will become the exclusive legal partner of "1+1 media" within the framework of the Sudum project. "Online piracy is a complex global problem that is being fought in many countries, Ukraine is still at the start of the path, but even now there are some tools for effective struggle - both technical and legal. Our experienced company fight piracy not for first year, and this experience makes it possible to draw a clear conclusion: it is real to catch and punish a pirate" said lawyer Alexander Paputsy, partner at the Smartsolutions. "Key market players are seriously minded and supported by the country. Intellectual property protection is a requirement for European integration of Ukraine, which means that compromises in this war will not be a solution and methods of fighting piracy will be improved. We as lawyers make every little thing we can to ensure that the legal instruments work perfectly".

In the long run, the media holding and the legal group plan to protect not only the video content but also other intellectual property objects on the Internet. Clients of the two companies will also be able to choose between integrated solutions and individual options: monitoring and removing illegal content, or legal assistance by lawyers to protect the interests of the right holders.

Recall, the Sudum system was created to protect the content of "1+1 media" in 2016. The service detects and blocks illegal video content on sites, popular social networks and video hosts. During the first year of operation, the solution has shown a good result: the media group removed more than 200 thousand pirate links and increased the profit from advertising on its own resources by 40%. In 2018, "1+1 Media" began selling Sudum as a service to protect the interests of copyright holders of video content. During the first three months of the service, customers have become KINOMANIA, KINOLIFE Distribution, Must See Movie and Ukrainian Film Distribution.